SmartCam 4K AutoFocus

The SmartCam 4K with AutoFocus offers 4k resolution and auto focus to a live monitor with integrated measurement tools and the ability to capture images to an SD card, a USB flash drive, or connect directly to a PC via ethernet or WiFi for capture to a hard drive. 4k UHD has 4 times the …

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MetLogix M3 Software

MetLogix M3 Software is the next generation of measuring software supporting video-based metrology equipment worldwide. Using the latest program and design tech, this software is both robust and capable.

Video Image Express

Video Image Express is the leading plug and play software solution for adding capture, annotation, and image based measuring to any stereo microscope, video inspection system or camera based optical inspection device. The software is easy to use, but advanced in capability. Learn how to use Video Image Express software to maximize your capabilities. To …

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